Water Damage Services

We keep customers happy and homes free from water damage! In hiring IICRC-certified technicians, customers stay happy as we provide better service no matter what the cause of water damage may be. Wondering what causes water damage? There are multiple causes, but some of the most common issues that arise are easy fixes!

What causes water damage in your home?

  • Broken or leaking pipes
  • Overflowing toilet, bathtub, sink, washer or water heater
  • Fire sprinkler damage
  • Natural disasters causing flood damage

How do we restore your home?
We begin with an extensive evaluation to determine site loss including the root cause of your water damage. In doing this, we locate the source of the issue and stop it! Using water removal techniques we remove standing water to lessen your property’s chance of total ruin. Once we have remove all standing water we move onto in place drying. We will air out and improve air quality smell of your property!

We Provide Direct Insurance Billing– for a hassle free claim filing service!

Contact the experts at Woodland Hills Water Damage for all of your restoration and insurance needs! Contact us today at 818-493-1453 for all your water damage needs