Fire and Sprinkler Damage


When your fire sprinklers go off, you need a team of water damage experts who can respond FAST to get the water cleaned up. Woodland Hills Water Damage is ready to respond 24/7 and will be on site in 30 minutes or less. Contact us anytime.


Our Fire Sprinkler Damage Cleanup Services Include:


 Residential and commercial services

 Water extraction

 Drying and dehumidification

 Monitoring

 Debris removal

 Contents packout

 Demolition

 Carpet cleaning

 Insurance reporting and billing


Why Call Us?


We are a reliable water damage cleanup company based out of Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. Our central location means that we are able to respond quickly to all calls. Technicians are always on call, 24/7, and can be dispatched immediately so they arrive within 30 minutes. With water damage from fire sprinkler discharge, this fast response is very important. Every second counts when cleaning up the water so your property can be salvaged.

The IICRC is the non-profit organization which establishes the guidelines and standards for cleaning up water damage. We are proudly IICRC certified and uphold their standards in everything we do. Our methods are proven to work, and our knowledge can mean the difference between saving your belongings and having to discard them.


The Right Equipment for All Types of Water Damage


Fire sprinklers discharge a large amount of water in a very short period of time, and they are designed to spray the water in all directions. After just a few seconds, your entire home or business will be drenched, including your belongings, carpets, furniture, and drywall. Water damage of this severity cannot be cleaned up with mops and sponges. It requires professional water damage equipment.

We use quality equipment and supplies to clean up fire sprinkler damage. The most important piece of equipment is the water extraction machine which gets water out of porous surfaces including carpets, upholstery, and slab floors. After the water is removed, it is then critical to speed up the evaporation of water from surfaces using high-power fans (air movers). The air movers evaporate the water into the air, and this water is removed using professional dehumidifiers. All equipment is left at your home or business until it is safely dry. We are able to monitor the equipment and humidity levels remotely so there is no need for technicians to come every day, nor do you have to worry that the equipment isn’t doing its job.


Insurance Reporting and Billing


Fire sprinkler damage is almost always covered under homeowners insurance policies. In our many years in the water damage cleanup business, we have learned exactly how the claims process works and can walk you through it. We also help by taking documentation of the water damage, writing reports, meeting with the insurance adjuster in person, and billing directly to the insurance company.


Ready to get started?


Contact us immediately after water damage. A real person will answer your call and a team of IICRC certified technicians will be at your doors within 30 minutes!