Fire Damage Restoration

Woodland Hills Water Damage has been around for years and has been providing various damage restoration services to the local people of Woodland Hills. Damage restoration work poses a lot of challenges and many such companies back out of projects midway. Woodland Hills Water Damage believes in commitment and hard work, we believe that losing client’s trust is a far bigger loss than losing their business and it should give you great comfort to know that we have never shied away from a challenge. We believe we are the best damage restoration contractor on this side of Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley region. After our success in the water damage restoration, we now offer excellent quality fire and smoke damage restoration services.

Witnessing your entire house or commercial property light up in flames after working to establish it for years can be a devastating financial and emotional blow. But the real work begins when the firetrucks leave. Fire damage cleanup mandates a quick response, in any case, the slightest of negligence can result in thousands of dollars of loss. The more you wait, the more unsalvageable your belongings become and the costlier the entire damage recovery process.

There are two kinds of damage after a fire has been extinguished, the first being the damage which is visible. The ceilings and walls will have lost its color completely to soot. The flooring and furniture will have massive discoloration and weakening as well because of the synthetic material reacting with the acidic residue. Each passing moment the furniture, flooring and other items will have lesser and lesser chance of salvaging.

The other kind of damage is the invisible or hidden one and it can cause the most expense if not attended to in due time. When fire is extinguished, the residual smoke reacts with the humidity, because liquids were used to extinguish it, and this causes accelerated corrosion on the metals objects. Although metal corrosion is pretty visible, the structural and foundational damage on the building is not. An expert eye must evaluate and inspect the areas that need immediate restoration. It’s a flagrant fatal health hazard to even step inside the structure before the experts have been through it.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services
Woodland Hills Water Damage has some of the most experienced restoration technicians who have a plethora of IICRC certifications. We can clean items which are made of porcelain, aluminum, marble, tile, brass, chrome, metal, marble, china and glass.

Among other things, our technicians are certified to perform the following services:
● Carpet Cleaning
● Applied Microbial Remediation
● Stopping Corrosion
● Cleaning smoke residue from walls and ceilings
● Fire Smoke Odor Removal
● Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning.
● Mold Remediation
● Standardized Health & safety precautions

We are bonded, have a huge collection of IICRC certifications and licensed by CSLB. Our services are never on hold and our experts can be called at any site within 30 minutes, 24/7.
Call us today at 818-493-1453 and learn more about our excellent prices and services. Act before there is more damage!